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Your Perfect Fit
Discover the secret to looking and feeling better - a complimentary Bra Fit Styling session. Simply visit SILHOUETTE, where you’ll be introduced to lingerie that flatters your curves and suits your style.

Each SILHOUETTE expert has passed the industry’s most thorough training program, giving her the expertise to choose precisely the right lingerie for your specific style and needs.With over 90 bra sizes (A to H cup) from the world’s best brands, your personal Bra Fit Stylist is fully equipped to forever change the way you look at lingerie… and yourself.

Book an appointment with us today, and discover the luxury of the perfect fit.

Your Perfect Look

We curate a unique collection of premium European brands, all of which are fashion-forward and of the highest quality available. This premium and ever-changing product selection pairs nicely with the market’s current clothing trends, allowing you to always look and feel your best in lingerie that not only is beautiful, but also matches back to your wardrobe.

Time for another Bra Fit Styling session?

The average woman’s breast shape and size changes a number of times in her life for a multitude of reasons, which is why we recommend that our customers are properly fitted every six months. Luckily for you, SILHOUETTE's fashion collections change much more frequently than that. You’ll experience a fresh and gorgeous new look each and every time you come in… So why wait? 



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